General Secretary of Islamic Awakening Conference: the Islamic revolution of Iran was the early spark of hope for the world's Muslim with Imam Khomeini's ideals directing Islamic awakening movement into a new stage.
According to Mehrkhaneh, Dr Ali Akbar Welayati, General Secretary of Islamic Awakening Conference just gave his speech in Milad's conference hall.
"The Islamic Awakening made waves of understanding among the Muslim nation on how they could pass the rout of development through embracing Islamic theorem" he indicated, "the spirituality of the movement has nurtured self-consciousness and awakening within Muslims' souls.
"The Arab world witnessed its new wave of Islamic awakening and the present wave is transferring the society in its social and political being.
"People in the Middle East have endured great pain caused by autocrat rulers and the imperialist forces, therefore the Muslim awakening opened the shades of hope out of the past challenges."
Referring to the experience of Islamic revolution of Iran, Welayati verified that "the Islamic revolution of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini was the continuation of the path Sayyed Jamal-e-Din Assadabadi, Shaikh Mohammad Abdoh, Omar Mokhtar and Ezzeddin Qassam trod and it was the first spark of hope that made Muslims contemplate and question [the status-que].
"During the past decades, Islamic Republic of Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei has shed light on subjects with centrality of Muslim's dignity in the international political and economic agendas.
"During the past three decades new movements have appeared in the region that not only enforced tensions in the region but also distorted the reputation of Islam globally."
"The new popular movements distinguished by Islamic significance aimed the condemnation of power-centrism, politics of force, the undermining of civil rights and the nations' state of dependency" the secretary of Islamic Awakening Conference added.
He further emphasized the Islamic nature of the movements by pointing to the election outcomes in both Egypt and Tunis.
Welayati confirmed the sensitive role of women in the movement by adding that "women have had a significant role in the movement. In a world replete with both radical and oppressive views towards women's social status, the influential role of Muslim women in the recent movements marked their indisputable potential in determining the socio-political schemes."
Welayati expressed hopes on the corresponding role of such conferences in bringing Muslim women together for the strengthening of the Islamic Awakening movement.

comments: Tue Jul 10, 2012 09:28 GMT
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