Iranian President in the inauguration of the World Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening told the conference is opening in the name of awakening, Islamic transformation and women.
The special guest of the international conference who gave his speech among more than 1200 women envoys from 80 countries pointed to the reasons behind the need to change and evolution.
He told the Almighty God has created man for a respectful life bestowed by His justice and not for enduring cruelty, deport and oppression.
"Today, we see no sign of the God-given dignity to mankind although all prophets have been sent to revive man's place and truth" he said.
He questioned the global condition in which more than 3 billion people live below poverty lines. "How could the poor preserve their dignity when they have to fight for their initial needs to survive?" he added to prompt the idea of how imperialists aim human's dignity in Africa, Europe, Asia, Americas to enslave him.
Suggesting that the first thing the imperialist devils do is diminishing human dignity added that "dictatorship as the ugliest manifestation of rule destroys human capacities, and in this way they deferred God's will for transcendental life.
Ahmadinejad pointed that the current domain of injustice is unprecedented as the imperialists have penetrated into the most inner layers of human life.
He expressed his opinion of how imperialists have wooed people in the world with the promise of economic and political development adding that "people in Europe and US today are by less means free as the ugliest inhumane behavior is observed in western societies".
"In US a corrupt Zionist regime rules over 300 Americans.
"[This group] brings a coercive figure such as previous president to power when it demands war against Middle East and oil supplies and they change the figure [before the same policies] the soon they face resistance by nations."
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added that people in Europe have endured injuries and jail in response to protesting the condition and this is the same in all over the world in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Dr Ahmadinejad confirmed that wherever a dictator is ruling he is owed to the imperialists and urged that things should change, we want change in the current of affairs.
Iranian President questioned the functionality of UN while he appreciated the initiative behind its creation and added "the soon a nation undos chains of dependency the whole international community rushed against him and the very fact has suggested an incapable figure of UN Security Council."
Ahmadinejad expressed as an important part of his speech that the whole world should step at one pace for change, if any.
One is not allowed to restrict improvement within the borders of one's country as Islam has concerned the general betterment of human kind.
In his words, "our prophet is the whole world's prophet as 'rahmatan lel-Alamin".
Iranian President suggested that the ruling preserves its power by manipulating the world's value system, "today that is respectable who consumes more whole in Islam that is respected who donates".
In the first system, in his opinion, the basis for judging human behavior is benefit while in the latter it is affections and purity that judges behaviors.
He once more indicated that the Islamic Awakening is not restricted to Muslims but urged for an awakening that includes all humans of all religious nominations.
Commenting on the role of women in Islamic Awakening, he points "man and woman are the same in creation while they are assigned different roles in social engagement… I believe women's role in social changes is more important, more influential and more enduring".
He indicated that the role of women in society is quite heavier and this is the reason for which women are bestowed delicate and unique potentials.
"When a woman moves, men around her in the family will move, so she is the agent of change in society".
He added that the heart of woman is the plethora of love and affections warned that whenever the Satan has targeted a corruption, he has aimed women's heart and identity.
He continued that the imperialists have deprived western women of their womanhood and this is the worst possible kind of cruelty against women.
Ahmadinejad addressed women present in the conference by stating that "today you are carrying a heavy burden and lest you restrict your responsibility within the borders of geography, race or language, the responsibility is rather global."
"The reform of the world is the promise of God; ours is taking the right path trusting in him alone.
"The imperialists have colonized the world for once but they changed for worse destructive methods after they confronted with nations' resistance.
"Our awakening arrow targets imperialism and Zionism at its heart, since no nation will feel comfort until the regime is there.
"No one should doubt the mission since the Almighty God will assist us as He pledges His assistance out of His justice if a nation moves for justice, and He will appoint a just ruler for them.
"God has promised the return of a man from the Prophet's dynasty and our duty is to make ready for his Coming. There is no difference between Arab and Non-Arab, Christian, European or American for shouldering the responsibility."
President Ahmadinejad indicated in the concluding note that "believe that people could achieve the goal by embracing brotherhood and justice and beware that the rule of US and Israel will fade and this is God's promise."

comments: Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:21 GMT
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