The supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, met with more than hundred women scholar and Mujahid, this morning. He told women's role in the great Islamic Awakening was unprecedented and pointing to the role of women in the victory and preservation of Islamic revolution of Iran indicated "the continuity, strengthening and improvement of women's participation in the blessed Islamic Awakening will with no doubt produce numerous victories for Muslim nations.

He called the gathering of women of 85 countries in the conference on Women and Islamic Awakening a unique chance for gaining knowledge about the Muslim women of other countries.

"you should consider the affinity and relations that begins in this conference as a prelude to the creation of an effective and permanent movement in the process of reviving Muslim woman's identity and character" he added.

The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran pointed to the 100-year Western complicated and thorough strive to distinct Muslim women from her Islamic identity noting that "the attempt by Muslim women scholars in reviving this identity is the most prominent service to the nation of Islam since the sense of identity, understanding and knowledge by Muslim women would certainly have solemn impact in the general approach of Islamic awakening and the dignity of Islamic nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei condemned the western view towards women as an insulting view, "the West in its deep cultural layers considers women as a fetish for men's enjoyment and it has utilized all tools to fulfill this view. They, with insincerity, named this degrade and corrupt view as "freedom", just as they call murder, ravage, plunder, militarism and warmongering such beautiful and deceiving names as liberation, human rights and democracy".       

"women enjoys scientific, characteristic and managerial improvement in the Islamic society and she attains her  place in the forefront of most serious social issues while maintaining her womanhood of which she is proud" the supreme leader noted referring to the strong presence of Iranian devout and successful women in scientific, political and managerial fields.

"the West will endure the deadliest injuries frm this very fault and it will dismantle due to the deteriorating social conditions", he added following a hint at the fragility of family in the west and the increase in the number of children without identity as one of the outcomes of western view towards women.

Ayatollah Khamenei counted men and women as having common human characteristics in the Islamic view and noted that "men and women contribute to the creation, development, and the excellence of human being and of human history based on their physical capabilities and in this regard women's role is more significant than men's as she gives birth to continue human generation".

He further reminded that the rules of shariah regarding family laws and restricting sexual relations should be observed according to this philosophy.

The supreme leader mentioned the clarification of women's role within the Islamic view as the most important duty of Muslim scholar women and pointed to the constructive role of women during Iran's past 33 years "women's role in the social changes, revolutions and the Islamic awakening is determining since wherever women take part in a social movement, they guarantee its victory and it mandates women's continuous presence in the social changes of Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, etc."

Ayatollah Khamenei admired the Islamic Awakening movement and indicated that "the movement can change the direction of history conditioned that proper pathology and defending against threats are devised".

He emphasized that the western imperialists and especially US and Zionism are shocked by the movement in North Africa and other parts of the region and they are striving to usurp the most opportunity of the situation.

Ayatollah Khamenei named the distortion of popular motivations for continued presence in the scene and occupying different segments of society with disputes and trifles among the imperialists' methods of controlling Islamic awakening, adding that "if Muslims resist their conspiracies and continue their presence in the scene they will definitely defeat imperialism because the imperialists' sward is inefficient before nations' belief and consciousness."

The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran condemned the ceaseless effort in posing sanctions against Iran while they have immunized Iran against such sanctions during the past 30 years.

"The Iranians have resisted the conspiracies by their lives, relatives and possessions and developed and today we are 100 times stronger than 30 years ago.

"Today the Iranian Muslim woman feels proud in all arenas and the more educated and scholar they are, the more devout and devoted to the revolution cause. This is what the west is trying wholeheartedly to deny in its media."

Considering western attempts at deviating Iran from defending Palestine said "we stand by the side of all our Muslim brothers regardless of Shiite-Sunni distinctions."

"Iranians have stood beside people of Palestine, the wake and revolutionary nations, and all those who reject US and Zionism. We will defend them and we'll observe the benefits of no global power in our stance."

Ms Hejazi, the secretary of World's Conference on Women and Islamic Awakening reported on the presence of 1200 scholar women from 85 countries and their activities and discussions during the two-day conference.

Dr Velayati, secretary-general of World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, pointed to the four conferences held in Iran on Islamic Awakening asserted that "by conferences of this like the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening aims at institutionalizing the discourse of Islamic Awakening."

Several participants of the conference expressed their views in the opening of the meeting:
Hana Mohyi Saber Ashalbi-Palestine;
Dr Nagla Mohamed Kamel-Faculty member from Egypt;
Hajar Abdel Kafi-professor of Law and Tunisian prisoner of revolution;
Houriah Mohamed Ahmed-political and religious activists from Yemen;
Insijam Abdezohre Javad-cultural and communications activists from Iraq;
Wahdan Milad-Faculty member of Libyan Al Zaytounia University;
Mother of Ali Shaikh, 14-year-old martyr-Bahrain;
Batoul Al Mousavi-daughter of martyr Abbas Mousavi from Lebanon.

The representatives of women participants of the conference commented on the following:
-The influence of Islamic revolution in the region's Islamic Awakening;
-The role of women in the region's Islamic uprisings;
-The necessity of unity between Islamic and Arab countries round the axis of Islam;
-The importance of women's exchange of views and experiences;
-Confronting the western conspiracy in deviating Islamic culture and identity;
-The modeling of Imam Hussain's movement and resistance of Hadhrat Zaynab.

comments: Wed Jul 11, 2012 17:11 GMT
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