Misrepresenting Muslims, Representing America.

Many critics believe that people of any culture and language maintain their independence and in-group identity through the process of otherization. Essentializing the stereotypes and minimizing the diversity of those others are the major strategies to depart us from them.

The problem particularly emerges when we and they are not a limited population, but civilizations. Historically, the empires in west have been appointed as the arbitrators to save the world conquering the client states and maintaining them in peace. The crisis usually happened during the time an empire fell and a new one emerged.

When David Gress wrote his From Plato to NATO (1998), he examined the new world to be born from a successful synthesis to embody the highest values and standards of Greeks, Romans, and Christianity. Americans, then, claim to hold the global culture, global democracy, global liberty, and global free market and they forget, similar to their ancestors, that the world never had been all Christian, all Roman, and all Greek.

Americans had the power to synthesize. The major asset in hands of the United States was to represent a Universalist agenda. Their typical salad bowl inside the US and the set of the client states under American new world order has been the factor of American power.

In the 21st century, Americans are passing a momentum; the growing population of catholic Hispanics within the US and the reconsidering of the Muslims on political Islam beyond the borders do not sound easy challenges for Americans to answer.

To project any simple signal of deficiency by empires destroys the client's trust to their power. Americans need to learn the history lessons that if an empire's awe and amazement breaks down, it had been failed to keep on.

There are four days now that Muslims all over the world are to America for its blind release and support of the hate movie "Innocence of Muslims". Reactions in Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, Lebanon, India, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., today shows the Americans' awe and trust is absolutely broken.

Americans' incapability to manage their relations with the Muslim world makes them to misrepresent Muslims as the irrational and violent Others, but they ignore the fact this also brings a question to the audience; Muslims to be irrational and violent or not, America is not that qualified empire for our world!

comments: Fri Sep 14, 2012 21:20 GMT
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