Be an Angel Day is an opportunity for Americans to celebrate family and religion amid the cultural vortex called modernity.

It is the 20th year that Be an Angel Day is celebrated in US. The day was named this by reverend Jane Howard Feldman in 1993 to remind to Americans of their human aspect of being that demands humanitarian deeds.

Although family values are increasingly fading in the world’s youngest civilization, US is still much more engaged with its religious and family values compared to rivaling industrial societies.

The country celebrates family related occasions more enthusiastically than Europeans do, while they embrace homosexuality with more hesitation.

Membership in church, university and corporation charities, and charities run by prominent figures and stars are a considerable part of American culture.  Regardless of how efficient they are what the exact function and the set goals are for each type of charities, these should be recognized as an adorable part of American culture.

Nevertheless, Be an Angel Day is the only day in American calendar that celebrates charity at the individual level. The significance of this is in motivating individuals to reckon and practice humanity for the sake of humanity and not its size or the scale of effect.

While tycoon corporal charities such as Oxfam, Fox, George Bush and Bill Clinton, American Enterprise for UNICEF, Angelina Julie, and Bill & Melinda Gates pose the ideological threat of Americanization, mainly due to the international scope of action, the cultural figures behind them, and the nature of activities they perform, inviting ordinary citizens to do good either at local, national or international level is free from any such true pessimism.

On the other hand, the day is welcome since it reminds of the virtue in humanitarian deeds not only for the benefit it has for the needy, but also for the individual who commits the good. The practice that is understood in terms of ‘humanitarian’ acts in modern western culture, is actually what religions commend as a spiritual way to transcend.

Of the other virtues of celebrating such a day is providing an opportunity for the American family to gather together while trying to help to elevate the minute problems that each family member faces.

The observation of this day finds double significance, especially when we pay attention to the growing trends of new cultures such as homosexuality, sexual freedom, abortion, warmongering, etc. which are based mainly on the west’s material worldviews.


comments: Thu Aug 22, 2013 19:31 GMT
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