The Norwegian Royal National Medal awarded to Dr Trond Ali Linstad for humanitarian services rendered to people and immigrants has been withdrawn due to three allegations against him: criticizing the racist ideology of Zionism; supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran; and opposing gays and lesbians.
Dr. Ali Linstad established the Urtehagen Islamic Foundation for religious, cultural and social activities.

He established and administered the only Islamic kindergarten in Norway with about 280 children (along with Quran classes, foreign language, computers, sports and one day camps).

Dr. Linstad established the first Islamic Shia elementary school with 500 students (the school curriculum is like other Norwegian public schools with Islamic environment and teaching Islamic Studies).

He established Urtehagen high school for immigrant girls.

He established children farm with animals like horse, sheep, gout, lama with the aim of creating a safe and secure environment for children.

He held regular rallies and protests in support of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

Royal National Medal was awarded to him by Kind Herrold V of Norway for meritorious services rendered to people way beyond the call of duty, however it was witthdrawn the next day due to the pressure of Zionist lobby.

comments: Mon Feb 04, 2013 18:41 GMT
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