The number of civilian casualties in Iraq is tallying by minutes and seconds and few recognize the connection with the 2003 Iraq war.

In several bombing attacks on September 21, more than 100 Iraqis died and hundreds were wounded, making it the worst year of violence in the post-war Iraq.

The attacks are blamed on al-Qaeda Sunni groups taking the majority of its victims from among the Shiite community.

However, few media sources and groups notice the continuing deaths in connection with the 2003 US attack that shattered the social structure in Iraq, as noticed by Richard Becker, the analyst and member of international anti-war Answer Coalition.

“The tearing apart of the society back in 2003 still has reaping consequences today. The blame for this has never been attributed in US mainstream media to those who are responsible, who created this war – the Bush administration and all of its agents”, Becker says.

Several centers are delivering Iraq death tolls on a daily basis such as Cost of War, Iraq Body Count, Lancet Survey, etc.

The number of Iraqi civilians dead since the outbreak of war in 2003 is at least 66,,810 according to Classified Iraq War Logs and approximately, 134,000 according to Costs of War Project.

The number is presented as 112,667 to 123,284 deaths according to Iraq Body Count and 601,027 total deaths (including militant and civilians) according to Lancet.

This is compared to only 4,488 US casualties –exclusively militants and including both in and out of combat deaths- for the total period since March 19, 2003, according to

Despite all the propaganda that aims the disfigurement of Iraq government in the post-war era since the withdrawal of US forces in 2008, the human costs of Iraq war is by no means restricted to the post-war era, nor to the death tolls.

According to an Iraq’s Women Ministry report, more than 1 million Iraqi women had been widowed in the end of 2008 and more than 4 million children orphaned as a direct result of US military invasion.

According to Mohanad al-Azawi, the director of Shaheen Institute in Iraq in an interview with Al Jazeera, 800,000 people are reported as missed in Iraq, of whom 340,000 are detained in American jails, including Guantanamo.

Of other human disasters of Iraq war has been the shocking increase in HIV infection from 114 cases in 2003 to 67,000 in 2008.

More than 40% of Iraqis live below poverty lone due to the damages the war has made to the infrastructures and an outnumber of youths have tended to material and alcohol abuse, according to the Ministry of Health.

These are only a number of war disasters that the Republican government of US has brought to Iraq and the region that must be understood considering the intentional or unintentional lack of exact data.






comments: Sun Sep 22, 2013 20:35 GMT
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