The outspoken Afghan member of parliament Fawzia Koofi, a champion of women’s rights, is now eyeing the presidency in 2014.

“I am sure my campaign will be the noisiest. I will have lots of troubles against me,” the 36-year-old politician from the country's remote northeastern Badakhshan province told Reuters in an interview this week.

In spite of all her efforts that astonished many among her male counterparts in Afghanistan, first by gaining a seat in parliament and then by becoming its first female deputy speaker, Koofi requires to appear still bolder till the 2014 election, the major deadline for complete foreign troops withdrawal. The death attacks she continues to receive from Taliban and Haqqani militants, might very probably turn into reality, regarding the new feminine deal that Afghan leaders are seeking with Taliban.

Among Koofi's long term goals lie an understanding of the Afghan need for preserving an independent national economy, especially financially. Also of concern to her, is a just system of wealth distribution and employment, that ties economic security to the social.

An indomitable campaigner for girls’ education after the ouster of the Taliban a decade ago, she will continue her battle for women’s rights in the country of 30 million which ranked in a poll last year as the worst place on earth to be a woman.

“He has lost the trust of this part of society - women, the civil movements, the activists, the Afghan youth and the intellectuals. That is why he is trying to now rely on conservative forces,” she commented on president Karzai.

Meanwhile, speculation circulating among politicians is that by bringing the election forward, Karzai could establish what Koofi called a “Putin model”. Russia’s Vladimir Putin stepped down from the presidency in 2008 after serving two consecutive terms, becoming prime minister and handing the reins to his junior partner. Dmitry Medvedev. Putin was re-elected president in March.

“By being the number two he will have all the authority to have the same team, basically,” she said of Karzai.

comments: Sat Apr 14, 2012 20:32 GMT
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