Women in UK are planning Women’s Assembly Against Austerity on February 22, 2014.

Following the austerity measures in UK that have been introduced after the economic crisis, and the unemployment rise, wages’ fall, pay gap, benefits cut and costs rise, women feel the huge burden of the crisis on their shoulders.

One fifth of UK workers are now earning under the poverty line and two third of these are women. Women are considered the scapegoats of pay gap 45 years after the Dagenham equal pay protests.

Women who are feeling the great part of discrimination and poverty along with disabled play the leading role in fighting against austerity measures.

50,000 women had participated in NHS demonstration in October before the Tory party conference to demand easing the economic measures.

The next step by women in demanding the same changes in economic policies that have mainly targeted women and poor families ic scheduled for February 22, 2014 at Conway Hall, London.


comments: Wed Dec 18, 2013 19:18 GMT
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