I am a parent and with that I have such an overwhelming sense of responsibility to teach Possum (2 years) good values.

I am a parent and with that I have such an overwhelming sense of responsibility to teach Possum (2 years) good values. She is growing up so fast and I know that the window of opportunity is well and truly open to teach her about the importance of compassion and how simple it is to show an act of kindness.

The Beginning of a New Tradition

I decided it would be a good idea to set a new tradition, regularly show random acts of kindness to others.

I decided that the Christmas holiday period would make a good opportunity for Possum and I to visit our local aged care facility. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the experience but I was willing to do my best to make it positive.

Possum had recently turned 2 and was very familiar with receiving gifts of all shapes and sizes. I felt this would be a great opportunity for me to follow that with her knowing the joy that could come from giving to others.

I simply telephoned a few days prior to see if the aged care facility would be open to having visitors and us offering little boxes of handmade biscuits. They were absolutely overjoyed with the idea and looked forward to our arrival.

I used a simple biscuit recipe and placed them inside Christmas themed noodle boxes, which I'd added tinsel in for decoration.  

Despite her young age, I did explain to her what we were going to be doing and how wonderful it was that we could give to others and make them feel happy. She appeared to really like this idea and knew what was expected of her.

Soon after we arrived we were met with some of the residence who were staying at the aged care facility. Those who were able to walk began to gather around us, curious to see the adorable little reindeer who was itching to hand out gifts.

For those who were less mobile, we set off to pay them personal visits and deliver our goodies to them.

I adore this picture (above) that was taken on our way out of the aged care facility. I think it really highlights the joy that Possum and I both felt after visiting the staff and residents. She particularly enjoyed the experience of giving to others.We couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces and I feel that we made a similar impact on those we met.

If there is one thing I have learnt from this experience it's that it really doesn't take much to make someone happy or brighten their day just a little. Random acts of kindness come in many forms and make an impact.

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