Wahabi terrorists in Syria once again targeted the shrine of BibiSakinahBintulHussaina.s, the daughter of the third Shi’a Imam, Hussainibn-Ali (P), in Daraa – Syria on Wednesday.

According to the Lebanese news website Al-Ahd, affiliated to Hezbollah Islamic resistance movement, the missile attack which was launched from a remote area, the holy shrine’s dome was partly damaged.

The News Agency added that the Syrian Army which had liberated the same holy shrine of Lady SakinaBinteHussaina.s, from the occupation of the Wahabi/takfiri foreign terrorist almost a month ago, and now after the recent attack the government forces have started a search operation and are carrying out an operation for the cleansing of the takfiri terrorist from the area in the vicinity of the shrine, so they can clearly clean off the area from the presence of the takfiriterrorist .

The Wednesday attack from far off distance is believed to have been conducted using a locally manufactured missile.

SayedaSakinah was born on 20th of the lunar month of Rajab, 56 AH. Her early years are said to have been spent in Medina. Her brothers included Ali ibnHussain, Ali al-Akbar ibnHussain, and Ali AsgharibnHussain. Her sisters included Fatimah as-Sughra’a and Fatimah al-Kubra’a.

According to history, she accompanied her father, Imam Hussain (P) when he traveled from Mecca to Kufa.

Imam Hussain decided to travel to far off land, as he was aware of the Yazeed’s plan of bloodshed in the holy land of Mecca and Medina, but finally was forced to counter the war, which was enforced by the army of Yazeed on him.

He was not in the favor of war, as he was traveling with his family and friends, and with his own friends and families, and which also included women and children, as some of them were as young as 6 months old, and lady Sakina, her beloved daughter was even 4 years old at the time of the event of battle of Karbala, as Yazeed’s army declared war on Imam Hussaina.s, which he and his family and friends, traveling with him fought very bravely, but as the Yazeed’s army has outnumbered his companions -72 against an army of 30,000 men. So almost all the male family members and friends were martyred in this unprovoked & unbalanced war.

While the only male left alive in the Imam Hussain’s Companions, was Imam’s eldest son Imam ZainulAbideena.s, who could not take part in the war, as he was suffering from severe illness, and as a result, all the left were taken as prisoners, which included the Imam ZainulAbideen, and the women and children, who were accompanying Imam Hussain, during his travel.

While all their belongings were taken away forcedly by the army of Yazeed, and the brutal and the army of hooligans didn’t spared tearing away the ear rings from the young lady Sakina, due to which her ears started bleeding and the savages, not only not stoppeed their atrocities on this, but kept on beating the young children and women, which is a war crime, as prisoners of war especially the women and the children are supposed to be under Amnesty, and if not, then even they are not liable to be punished or beaten, but Yazeed was the leader of the savage barbarians, and it was this due to which Imam Hussaina.s, have refused to accept the allegiance of Yazeed.

As According to Yazeed and his ancestors plan they have accepted Islam, not only to take the benefits, but also to malign Islam, once they come to power. But Imam Hussaina.s.refused to accept his allegiance and stood in their way.It clearly showed the difference between the clique who were trying to malign and defame Islam, while on the other hand, Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala and his son Imam ZainulAbideenand and his sister Lady Zainabafter his martyrdom,by openly confronting Yazeed and his rule, in their speeches in his court that was filled with his friends and ambassadors of different nations, who later even endorsed and distinguished between the mockery of Islam created by Yazeed and his predecessors, and the genuine Islam in its letter and spirit propagated by Imam Hussain and his descendants and predecessors.

Lady SakeenaBint e Hussain who was the favorite child of the Imam embraced martyrdom in the dungeon, where she was imprisoned and tortured by Yazeed and his companions.

Takfiri/Wahabimust be recognized as thetrueprogeny of Yazeed, who have always lost their battles from the true Muslims and the faithfuls and thus, who could not win over the living legends, so now even try to attack the graves of these noble personalities, as they are even afraid of these martyrs and the belief that the blood of martyr will revolutionize this world and all the crimes of these apostates in the cover of Islam will be unearthed by the followers of the true and the original Islam, the religion of peace and harmony.

SayedaSakinahbint al-Hussain (P) was the youngest daughter of Hussainibn Ali (P). The word Sakinah is a derivative of sakoon meaning peace.

SayedaSakinah was the most pampered daughter of Imam Hussainibn Ali (P) and he pampers her so much that she used to sleep on his chest every night.

But at the same time, as she belonged to the most noble family of all ages and time, cast and creeds, so even at this tender age sherecitedof Holy Quran and never missed her prayer, and her answers to any question was well supported by her knowledge of Islam.

comments: Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:53 GMT
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