Walt Disney’s multilingual version of ‘Let It Go’ fails to encompass the world’s oldest and most widespread spoken languages, critics say.

Disney has released a so-called ‘multilingual’ version of its Oscar-nominated song ‘Let It Go” that lacks many live languages of the world.

The failure to include many live languages in parts of the world like the whole Africa, Disney is once again carrying the badge of racism.

The multilingual version which is presented in English, German, French and Dutch, is flamboyant with its focus on European languages and neglecting other ones.

The song includes European Catalan and Serbian (but not Croatian) is also presented in Latin American Spanish and even Canadian French, but not Brazilian Portuguese.

From Asian languages, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, and Thai, all East Asian languages are presented in the song.

However, no African languages are represented in the song although South Africa is home to 3000 languages.

Arabic, which is the native language of 290 million speakers in North Africa and Middle East and the language of 1.5 billion Muslims’ Holy Book is totally missed, too.

Walt Disney is known as world’s animation industry with over $35 billion revenue (as of 2007).

It is not, though, the first time the company is accused of racism presenting heroines in white skin and clowns and felons in other races and ethnicities, it is once again re-echoing white supremacist ideas, this time in form of language.

Although the feature is aimed to promote the global appeal of the company’s production’s it may hinder the purpose in long term for the culturally reductionist ideas inherent in its productions, critics believe.


comments: Fri Feb 28, 2014 15:10 GMT
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