The term 'feminism' can mean authenticity of women......

A bout Feminism

"Feminism" is among controversial terms which has been used in different occasions in cultural or political contexts – in private, public or media settings- and many questions and disputes have formed about this modern phenomenon. Yet, there might not be possible to provide a clear-cut definition of feminism; what it is, who is called a feminist, what are the historical roots of this movement, and how it was formed? This booklet will cover this to some extent........

Women' rights authenticity of women?

The term 'feminism' can mean authenticity of women......

Short history of feminism


The background of feminism can be traced back to even to early fifteenth century when Christine de Pizan wrote The Book of the City of Ladies.


Feminism and Capitalism


Western capitalists-especially in nineteenth century- welcomed propagation of feminist thoughts……..


Feminism and prostitution


Feminist approach which is based on denial of Divine boundaries and rights for women and insists on values of modern worldly reason, faded morality away and provided capitalist circles with opportunity to abuse women by launching "sex industry" and "prostitution."…………..



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