‘We Are the Giant’

We Are Giant is th movie produced by Greg Barker on Bahrain’s family activists, Al Khawaja, against Bahain regime that was showcased in Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

Date: 2014/03/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 14:26:00

An Empowered Woman: Zainab Ismail

Zainab is the Vice President of Nadoona, a movement based in the U.S and geared towards helping Muslim women become healthier.

Date: 2014/01/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:45:00

Muslim convert says ‘Accepting Islam was very easy’

"I think it was actually very easy to accept Islam," said Principal of Imam Mahdi Islamic School in Australia, Zeinab Taylor Rizavi.

Date: 2013/09/13 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:40:00

Talking children, future, and blessing bags with the authors of “Allah to Z” children’s books

Altmuslimah recently met author Sam’n Iqbal and artist Uzma Sabir to discuss the newest children’s book on the block, “Allah to Z: Activity Book.”

Date: 2013/09/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 15:51:00

How a Large Corporation Supports Women

Dr. Eve Sprunt of Association of Women in Science put us in contact with Chevron’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, S. Shariq Yosufzai.

Date: 2013/08/20 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:13:00

Sayad Shirazi; A man of action

When the teacher told me that my father had called from the war zone and asked how I was doing in my studies I felt really proud.

Date: 2013/07/28 | Comment: 0 | Time: 13:39:00

Dina Zakaria on Morsi and his presidency

Women were also suffering under Mubarak; but now the thugs that were released from prison by the old guard during the revolution are committing atrocities.

Date: 2013/06/25 | Comment: 0 | Time: 16:09:00

Tech Tuesday: Meet 15-Year Old “Astronaut Abby”

Instead of labeling someone as a female scientist or a female astronaut, simply call her a scientist or an astronaut.

Date: 2013/05/30 | Comment: 0 | Time: 16:12:00

Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra, the Central Point of Creation

Ahlul Bayt (A) News Agency visited Grand Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani, one of religious authorities, and made an interview about hazrat Zahra's (Allah's peace be upon her) personality and virtues. In this interview Grand Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani points that Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra (Allah's peace be upon her) the central point of creation, answered to some doubts about Fatemiya.

Date: 2013/05/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:22:00

Q&A: ''We Are Protecting Marriages''

Selim Reid set up Germany's first Muslim car sharing service to spare his mother disparaging remarks and to reduce the number of extra-marital affairs.

Date: 2013/04/25 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:22:00

Thatcher’s funeral ‘political stunt’ aimed at bolstering Tory party

The expensive funeral of former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, is not a burial of an individual, but a political stunt “to cover up” her “ill policies” and “bolster” the Tories, Charlie Kimber from Socialist Workers Party, told RT.

Date: 2013/04/18 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:40:00

Lagarde summoned by French court

IMF chief will appear before a French court to be questioned over corruption charges during her ministry.

Date: 2013/04/18 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:36:00

Diversity of cultures is not mentioned in international documents

Iran has a suggestion for solving international challenges that women face.

Date: 2013/03/26 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:25:00

Afghan Women; Always Restricted

Islamic republic of Iran is a role model for Afghan Muslims.

Date: 2013/03/26 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:24:00

Papal contender says issue of women in church 'secondary'

Canadian cardinal weighs in on controversial issues within Catholic Church during CBC exclusive interview.

Date: 2013/03/09 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:33:00

FGM is About Culture not Religion: Executive Director Interview

IPS correspondent Marzieh Goudarzi interviews UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin.

Date: 2013/02/15 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:44:00

Dr. Ali Linstad and the Withdrawal of his Medal

Following the revocation of the Royal National Medal awarded to the Norwegian Shia social activist, ABNA News Agency has made an exclusive interview with him.

Date: 2013/02/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 13:16:00

Articulating the Muslim Female Experience: An Interview with Tayyibah Taylor

Tayyibah Taylor is the founding editor-in-chief and publisher of Azizah Magazine, an award winning Muslim women’s magazine in its twelfth year of publication.

Date: 2013/01/06 | Comment: 0 | Time: 00:18:00

"The Regime Oppresses All Bahrainis"

The head of the "Bahrain Center for Human Rights" Maryam al-Khawaja reports on the repression of activists within the Bahrain democracy movement and how the regime is trying to portray the protests as a conflict between ethnic or confessional groups.

Date: 2012/12/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:04:00

Irish American Sunday School Teacher Finds Islam

Continuing our journey of discovery of Islam in America has brought us to New Brunswick, New Jersey, to one of the halal restaurants here,alhamdulellah, which we find here in America, and with one of our sisters in Islam, sister Cheryl Dacey.

Date: 2012/10/07 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:32:00
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