"Palestine Conditions "More Brutal" Than in U.S. South of 50 Years Ago"

Here's the transcript of Literary Noble Laureate and Palestinians' rights activist Alice Walker her interview with Democracy Now in condemnation of Israeli apartheid.

Date: 2012/10/03 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:56:00

Mexican photojournalist Claudia Guadarrama documents the trauma of migration

Claudia Guadarrama was born in 1976 in Mexico City. In 1999, she completed her political science studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Date: 2012/09/30 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:34:00

Indian journalist: Iranian Supreme Leader’s views are highly important for the world peace

New Delhi, Aug 30, IRNA -- A prominent Indian journalist said on Thursday that the statement of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayattolah Ali Khamanei at the opening session of the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement(NAM) in Tehran is highly important for the world peace and development.

Date: 2012/09/09 | Comment: 0 | Time: 11:23:00

Safe Cities programme

As leaders gathered at the World Urban Forum in Naples, UN Women spoke to Augusto Barrera, the Mayor of Quito, one of the cities trying to become violence-free through the Safe Cities programme.

Date: 2012/09/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:35:00

''Young Muslims wish to play their part in shaping Germany''

A new study is shedding light on the worlds in which young Muslims in Germany live. Britta Mersch talked to Naika Foroutan from the Institute of Social Sciences at Berlin's Humboldt University about the findings.

Date: 2012/08/22 | Comment: 0 | Time: 16:57:00

‘Turkey support for anti-Syria terrorism to backfire’

Turkey, along with the US and Persian Gulf Arab dictatorships, is playing a part in fueling the armed crisis in Syria to topple the Syrian government, arming and sponsoring the al-Qaeda terrorists on Syria’s soil.

Date: 2012/08/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:13:00
Date: 2012/07/31 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:42:00

An Interview with Yvonne Ridley, the vice-president of the European Muslim League

Muslim women are not victims they are survivors; they are prepared for martyrdom for freedom.

Date: 2012/07/28 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:08:00

"In India, ‘Feminism’ has come down to male bashing"

Resham Sengar of spoke to this budding author who revealed all about her bestselling book, "A Calendar Too Crowded".

Date: 2012/07/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:34:00

Sectarianization of politics, Genderalization of the Arab uprisings

The following interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Maya Mikdashi was conducted by Eugenio Dacrema for the Istituto per gli studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI), on whose website it was originally published on 21 June 2012.

Date: 2012/06/25 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:10:00

How a Former Detroit Policewoman Found Islam

My name is Raquel. I converted to Islam a week ago.

Date: 2012/06/24 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:40:00

Syrians hold unity

‘Syria has had no defections and the country mostly united’ Ammar Waqqaf of the Syrian Social Club told Press TV.

Date: 2012/06/21 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:41:00

Denver Family Describe journey to Islam?

When Tim decided to become a Muslim, I was absolutely tickled because I had been a Muslim at that point for a few months ...

Date: 2012/06/17 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:18:00

On Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan: Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Recently the agents of assassinated Iranian scientists were arrested by Iran's intelligence services.

Date: 2012/06/16 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:11:00

Why gender matters to every aid effort (Q&A)

Mercy Corps’ Global Gender Advisor, Sahar Alnouri, speaks to Global Envision about the difference between women's programs and gender programs.

Date: 2012/06/12 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:33:00

An Interview with one of Africa's Most Successful Women: Isis Nyong'o

Isis Nyong’o, 35, is the Vice President and Managing Director of the African operations of InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network.

Date: 2012/06/12 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:13:00

BBC's strategy in censuring Israel

Palestinian Mahmoud Sarsak is entering his 80th day of hunger strike and the west exclude him completely from its media coverage.

Date: 2012/06/11 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:16:00

Islamic Republic of Iran is our home

Fatimah Mughniyah is the daughter of Lebanese Resistance Movement martyr, Imad Mughniyah. Also known as Haaj Rizwan, he was martyred in February 12, 2008 with the blast of a bomb situated in his car seat headset by Israeli forces.

Date: 2012/06/09 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:47:00

Egypt's revolution in the eyes of an Iranian-American photojournalist

Ahram Online talks to Shadi Rahimi, an Iranian-American photojournalist, recalling her days amid Egypt's revolution, captured in photos now on display in a gallery in California.

Date: 2012/06/07 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:29:00
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