Rio's women suffer from sexual violence during Carnival

During the weeks of the party Carnival there is an increase in sexual violence and hate crimes, according to the Observatory of Racial Discrimination

Date: 2013/02/11 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:31:00

Women and Islamic Awakening and News Coverage

While the conference was not covered by the popular western Medias but the supreme leader’s remarks in a speech to women participants of the conference received a wide coverage.

Date: 2012/07/15 | Comment: 1 | Time: 21:34:00

Eid-al-Fitr around the world (Photos)

Millions of Muslims throughout the world went out of homes to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr and say prayer.

Date: 2013/08/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 14:03:00

‘We Are the Giant’

We Are Giant is th movie produced by Greg Barker on Bahrain’s family activists, Al Khawaja, against Bahain regime that was showcased in Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

Date: 2014/03/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 14:26:00

All hijabbed out

I can’t believe I’m doing this. So early into my blogging career and here I am. Writing about hijab. I said I wouldn’t, because heck there’s so much more to talk about. But, here I am. Hijab – a piece of fabric that so obsesses the world vis-a-vis Muslim women that we are now facing a full on “World Hijab Day”, which is today, Saturday, February the 1st.

Date: 2014/02/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 16:08:00
Date: 2012/11/26 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:14:00

Haryana fights female foeticide

According to an all-women city council sets up committees to monitor pregnant women in Bibipur village.

Date: 2012/06/19 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:43:00

Cameroonian teenage girls and the agony of 'Breast ironing'

Thousands of Cameroonian girls fall victim to a painful practice called "Breast Ironing" during their puberty.

Date: 2012/10/29 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:33:00

"Fatimah is Fatimah"

One of the four highest women as affirmed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Fatimah's birthday is the pertinent event to mark the status of women and mothers.

Date: 2012/05/12 | Comment: 1 | Time: 20:46:00

Canada Muslims Face Threats With Education

Cutting through misconceptions about their faith, Canada Muslims in the eastern Canadian city of Charlottetown have reached out to their society, educating them about what they really believe.

Date: 2012/10/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:34:00

Mother's Day; a Complicated Story

For Iranians, Lady Fatimah is the role model, presenting a devoted mother and a perfect woman.

Date: 2012/05/12 | Comment: 1 | Time: 17:46:00

Leila Hatami, Iranian actress, to serve in Italian jury panel

Hatami who has worked with several of the most celebrated Iranian directors and has received several international awards in a number of festivals.

Date: 2012/10/28 | Comment: 0 | Time: 23:38:00
Date: 2013/01/16 | Comment: 0 | Time: 23:01:00

Native American women seek protections from abuse

Diane Millich's ex-husband was never arrested for any of the more than 100 times he slapped, kicked or punched her before showing up at her Colorado workplace and firing a 9 mm pistol, wounding the co-worker who pushed her out of the way.

Date: 2012/05/16 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:52:00

Highlighting women in Guam's history: Guampedia exhibit features speakers, storytelling and more

Faces of men who have led Guam's government throughout the decades line the walls of the Hall of Governors in Adelup's Latte of Freedom. Among those faces of men, this month, are faces of women -- pioneers -- who carved the island's shape in different ways.

Date: 2012/11/04 | Comment: 0 | Time: 23:37:00
Date: 2012/07/12 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:34:00

Husbands responsible for Half of attacks on Moroccan women

A Moroccan minister said half of the violence that women in Morocco are subjected to comes from the women's own husbands, urging that the situation should change.

Date: 2012/09/25 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:17:00

‘Girls, Giggles and Guns’ Offers Women Fun Gun Safety Class

Girls, Giggles and Guns, it’s the name of a group of local women learning their way around a firearm.

Date: 2013/02/10 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:39:00

Facebook to Allow Kids to Get Account

Facebook Inc. announced it is developing technology that would allow children younger than 13 years old to use the social-networking site.

Date: 2012/06/04 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:41:00

Afghan Women’s Activist Rangina Hamidi: Worsening Conditions Should Hasten U.S. Withdrawal

Rangina is president of Kandahar Treasure, the first women-run business in Kandahar.

Date: 2012/03/16 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:46:02
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