Date: 2012/02/19 | Comment: 2 | Time: 21:02:20

Okinawa legislators protest alleged US rape

Asembly of the Japanese island passes a protest resolution following the arrests of two US sailors accused of rape.

Date: 2012/10/23 | Comment: 0 | Time: 23:19:00

Women in Egypt: Past, Present and Future

Women in Egypt have witnessed different historical phases in which the worldviews and cultural settings determined their positions in family and in society.

Date: 2012/08/22 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:30:00

Women Empowerment Program in India

Following the indication on women's rights in 67th UN General Assembly, activists in India run campaign.

Date: 2012/09/26 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:23:00

India: sex ratio among Muslims is better off

Following Amir Khan ""Satyameva Jayate" putting female feticide in the spotlight, it gets clear sex ratio in India is better satisfying among Muslims than Hindus.

Date: 2012/05/23 | Comment: 1 | Time: 17:31:00

Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra, the Central Point of Creation

Ahlul Bayt (A) News Agency visited Grand Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani, one of religious authorities, and made an interview about hazrat Zahra's (Allah's peace be upon her) personality and virtues. In this interview Grand Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani points that Hazrat Fatima az-Zahra (Allah's peace be upon her) the central point of creation, answered to some doubts about Fatemiya.

Date: 2013/05/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:22:00

Dr. Samia first GCC woman UICC Board of Directors

Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi has become the first GCC woman to win a prestigious seat in the Union for the International Cancer Control’s Board of Directors.

Date: 2012/09/03 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:48:00

An Empowered Woman: Zainab Ismail

Zainab is the Vice President of Nadoona, a movement based in the U.S and geared towards helping Muslim women become healthier.

Date: 2014/01/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:45:00

Int'l day of rural women

October 15 is proclaimed by UN in honor of the defining role of rural women in rural and urban development in both developed and developing countries.

Date: 2012/10/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:16:00

A package for life and marriage skills with an Iranian- Islamic Approach

In recent years Iranian cultural and family experts have become aware of young couples’ marriage problems which are usually the result of limited knowledge about marriage skills.

Date: 2012/07/06 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:28:00

Guatemala may re-open foreign adoptions as poverty stakes remain high

Mildred Alvarado woke up in Guatemala City, disoriented after an impromptu operation ...

Date: 2012/05/27 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:54:00

US: A Drastic Decline in Intimate-Partner Violence

National overall decline of 64 percent in nonfatal intimate-partner violence between 1993 and 2010.

Date: 2012/12/09 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:55:00

Int'l Girl Child Day

Based on the Resolution 66/170, the UN adopted October 11 as Girl Child Day to address girls' rights and challenges.

Date: 2012/10/11 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:39:00

Battles around hijab in Russia. Prohibitions and murders

The story of several little Muslim girls from Stavropol region of Russia fighting for hijab flew round the country.

Date: 2012/11/29 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:52:00

Nigeria: 'How Medical Doctor Sold My Baby Boy for N600,000' - Victim

As the spate of kidnapping and ritual killings increased across the country, the recent accusation levelled against a medical doctor in Onitsha, has again brought to the fore the question of how safe are the hospitals in the delivery of new-born babies in the country. David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka, reports.

Date: 2012/10/29 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:44:00

How a Large Corporation Supports Women

Dr. Eve Sprunt of Association of Women in Science put us in contact with Chevron’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, S. Shariq Yosufzai.

Date: 2013/08/20 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:13:00

Soaring rents leaves women homeless in NY

High and soaring housing rents in New York have left many women and children in the city homeless. Many of these homeless people end up in city shelters.

Date: 2012/09/10 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:31:00
Date: 2013/01/19 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:30:00

So Close, So Far Away

Cath Turner examines the consequences of 'Operation Babylift' at the end of the Vietnam war.

Date: 2012/10/13 | Comment: 0 | Time: 14:36:00

Obama ad insulting to women (poll)

The nonsensical “war on women” charge against Republicans has gone too far and may have backfired.

Date: 2012/10/30 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:15:00
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