UAE: women take part in all sectors

Khawla Al Mehairi, Chairperson of the Women’s Committee at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority indicated the importance of encouraging Emirati women to participate in all sectors.

Date: 2012/06/12 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:41:00

German actor Klaus Kinski abused daughter for years: Report

The sister of German actress Nastassja Kinski has revealed that their father, late famous actor Klaus Kinski, would sexually abuse her during childhood, a report says.

Date: 2013/01/16 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:58:00

Iranian Women the Second Largest Make-Up Consumers in the Middle East

The increase in Iranians women’s use of on cosmetics is because most of the population is young and urban.

Date: 2012/07/18 | Comment: 1 | Time: 14:16:00
Date: 2012/12/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:41:00

Saudi students in Abha demand better education

Female Saudi students have held a demonstration in the southwestern city of Abha to demand better education and learning environment.

Date: 2012/03/19 | Comment: 0 | Time: 11:08:57

Female Iranian karate attend International competition with hijab

Female Iranian karate fighters had been able to gain the permission to attend Asian competitions as well as world competitions.

Date: 2012/11/29 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:14:00

The Future of Iranian family: an amalgam of individualism and family-Orientation

The future of Iranian family will be individual-oriented but this not going to challenge Iranian family’s collectivism.

Date: 2012/11/12 | Comment: 0 | Time: 20:50:00

Honda introduces women-specific car

The pink Honda Fit She's is designed for women featuring a windshield that prevent wrinkles.

Date: 2012/10/31 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:07:00

Eldest Ottoman princess, Neslişah Osmanoğlu, buried in İstanbul

Princess Fatma Neslişah Osmanoğlu, or Neslişah Sultan, who was the last member of the Ottoman ruling family born before the fall of the empire, was buried in İstanbul on Tuesday.

Date: 2012/04/04 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:23:45

Irish American Sunday School Teacher Finds Islam

Continuing our journey of discovery of Islam in America has brought us to New Brunswick, New Jersey, to one of the halal restaurants here,alhamdulellah, which we find here in America, and with one of our sisters in Islam, sister Cheryl Dacey.

Date: 2012/10/07 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:32:00

5 Things You Weren't Told About "Oppressed" Muslim American Women

Every so often I come across an article about Muslim women that makes me think, “Wow, what on earth did I just read?”

Date: 2012/09/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:53:00

UK to criminalize domestic violence

A new proposal suggests that domestic violence be criminalized and punishable by up to 14 years sentences.

Date: 2014/01/13 | Comment: 0 | Time: 13:54:00

Biggest Cancer Killer Among British Women Revealed

Lung cancer has overtaken breast cancer to become the most common cause of cancer death among women in the UK, figures have revealed.

Date: 2012/11/04 | Comment: 0 | Time: 23:15:00

In Morocco, women victims of domestic violence find solace in shrines

Women victims of domestic violence in Morocco are taking refuge in the shrines of their saints in search for miracles to heal the scars of their psychological wounds.

Date: 2012/10/08 | Comment: 0 | Time: 04:03:00

Some women can see up to 100 million colors. Are you one of them?

Move over, Superman. When it comes to real super vision, an undetermined number of women have it —and a British scientist is trying to track them down.

Date: 2012/06/19 | Comment: 0 | Time: 21:54:00

Increasing number of Cuban women serve in government posts

The number of Cuban women who work in government posts has increased over the past two years, a local news outlet reported.

Date: 2012/08/24 | Comment: 0 | Time: 17:48:00

'Poor Vietnamese Women victims of Human Trafficking'

Vietnam's National Assembly has expressed concern over the exploitation of poor Vietnamese women who are victims to human trafficking.

Date: 2012/07/21 | Comment: 0 | Time: 18:10:00

On 10th Anniversary of the Death of Annemarie Schimmel

With her death, the world lost a woman who stood between the religions and the cultures like no other, who communicated with the Islamic world and who built bridges between East and West.

Date: 2013/02/02 | Comment: 0 | Time: 22:32:00

Why are Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren?

Have you ever relived your life? A few grandparents parenting grandchildren are doing just that! They’ve to restart the task of parenting besides playing the role of a grandparent. Is that easy?

Date: 2012/04/14 | Comment: 0 | Time: 19:46:20

‘We Are the Giant’

We Are Giant is th movie produced by Greg Barker on Bahrain’s family activists, Al Khawaja, against Bahain regime that was showcased in Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

Date: 2014/03/05 | Comment: 0 | Time: 14:26:00
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