About Muslim Scholarly Women Network

The current situation in the Islamic and universal society regarding women poses an important responsibility upon the Muslim thinkers in explaining the true Islamic view in relation to the rights and roles of women in the individual, spousal and social respects. The ideal goal is the promoting the rule of humanitarian creed and the realization of justice in all respects of women's lives.

With a deep understanding of the universal status of women, Muslim scholarly women decided to launch the International Network of Muslim Scholarly Women in order to join scientific and cultural forces within the local and global frames of work for the purpose of introducing the existing actual and potential resources.

About Raihaneh

The news and analysis website of Raihaneh is initiated in order to distribute information and adequately correspond among the Muslim Scholarly Women Network members, those who would apply for membership or contributing, and the general audiences. The website has made best advantage of the existing resources in following the high and humanitarian aspirations of Islam.

The website coordinators are eager to reflect the Muslim and non-Muslim news and views received from all over the world. Therefore, individuals are invited to communicate news, photos, videos, and analyses on women through the Members: Send Content. Raihaneh best welcomes your constructive views and critics.

Raihaneh (blossom) is the chosen name for the website as inspired by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in his hadith on women: “women are blossom".

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